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The past few weeks, the temperatures have been in the high 70’s (which is warm for February, in North Carolina) and it got me REALLY excited for spring and summer! We changed out our winter decor for spring decor in our apartment a few weeks ago and I realized I needed to re-make my succulent garden. I made one about 2 years ago and lately I haven’t been happy with it. I neglected it and killed most of the plants in it. Now that I am on spring break, I have enough time to make a new one.

You can get succulent plants anywhere that has a garden section. One time, I even saw some for sale at Trader Joe’s. I wish we had a local plant shop near where I live, because I totally would have went there instead. This time I went to Walmart.

I was going to pick up a colorful cactus but decided against it because I can’t seem to keep them alive. (I over water them somehow, lol)

Little did I realize that it literally takes less than 30 minutes to make and it is SO easy!


  • Rocks, stones, or pebbles
  • Cactus potting soil
  • A container for the mini-garden (The roots are pretty short so you don’t have to get a deep container)
  • Succulents and/or cacti
  • Water
  • Gloves (optional)


  1. Set a layer of stones or rocks on the bottom of the container. This will let the water drain to 1. prevent rot 2. keep the plants happy. They don’t like having wet roots.
  2. Take the plants out of their plastic pots by holding them upside down. Gently, pull the pot off.
  3. I like to break apart the soil that they were potted in. I do this over the container so that the soil falls directly in there.
  4. Place the plants how you like them & make it visually pleasing. (Vary colors, textures, sizes)
    • Fill all the spaces in between. Succulents can be crowded and it actually looks better when they are.
  5. Place additional cactus potting soil in the container and around the plants. Make sure all plants are sturdy.
  6. Dust off the plants because they will most likely be dirty after step 5.
  7. This is optional, but you can place left over rocks around the plants. I also put other tokens in mine like painted rocks and a fairy.

Some fun facts about succulents!

  • Don’t worry about pulling off or accidentally breaking off a leaf, it won’t harm the plant!
    • In fact, you can replant the broken piece and it will start growing roots & into it’s own plant.
  • Succulents are super easy to take care of. Depending on the season, they only need to be watered anywhere from every 2 weeks to once every month!
  • They get their vibrant colors from sunlight so the more sunlight they get, the more colors they show. (Not all though)


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