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I am a sucker for decorating based on the season and it doesn’t just stop at apartment decor. I love changing my desktop wallpaper from time to time and changing seasons give me inspiration and make me excited for what’s to come!

Click on any of the pictures below, and it will take you to a new webpage for download!

Enjoy everyone



Breathe. Everything is Working Out

I loved having this as my wallpaper for my last semester of college because it always reminded me how close I was to graduating and that I would get through all my trials.

May 2015 Wallpaper 1024 x 774

Cultivate Kindness

I have this as my phone background right now actually and it’s a nice reminder to stay kind. Kindness is something that I have been working on lately because the world needs it!



I love this one because it just makes me excited for the warmer seasons and the season of FLOWERSSSS! (I love everything about nature, especially flowers)


Pineapples and Watermelons

The 2 wallpapers below are some of my favorite because pineapple and watermelon are my favorite fruit! (And there’s some kind of fad going on where everyone is obsessed with pineapples?)

The gold pineapples also add a nice touch to the aesthetic of your life (;

Free wallpaper for the computer / free desktop/mobile wallpaper





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