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This weekend, my 2 girlfriends and I took a last minute road trip to Wilmington, NC to meet James Lafferty.

So this circulated around Facebook a few weeks ago. As HUGE One Tree Hill fans, we joked about going and meeting James Lafferty (aka Nathan Scott) since Wilmington was only 3 hours away.

December is a weird month where I try not to plan anything ahead of time since I am always so busy with holidays, work, and the wonderful finals week(s). Also, I really couldn’t afford to take any trips anywhere.

We joked and joked (and really wished we could actually) until Wednesday, November 30th rolled around and I got a group message from Jordan that read “Do you guys work Friday and/or Saturday?”

Sadly, I was scheduled to work Friday night. Gladly, I wasn’t scheduled to work Saturday at all because I had asked off for my cousin-in-laws birthday party.

Jordan had gotten the weekend off and Becky got her Friday shift switched for an earlier shift, so they were good to go.

I work at a new restaurant and we are currently a little understaffed, and in the past, no one has ever picked up my shift for me.

But the girls told me to try. So I did.


Now I could go! We all could go!

Then Jordan told us that she got a free hotel for us by using her parent’s hotel points! What’s even better is that this hotel was on the same street as the bar, just a few minutes walking distance!

Ding Ding Ding! This roadtrip was a no-brainer. It would have been a bad idea not to go.

So, at 4pm on Friday, we set out for Wilmington, NC.

Our first order of business was stopping by Chick-Fil-A to grab some dinner.

We arrived at 7:30pm at the hotel, pregamed a little bit and left for Tavern Law at around 9:15pm.

Keep in mind, James Lafferty was supposed to be at the 2 bars from 9pm-1am.

We got to the bar at 9:30pm and missed him by just a few minutes! We were reassured that he’d be back though.

He came back but it wasn’t until 1:30am. We waited for him for 4 hours at 1 bar. But we didn’t plan to do this. We wanted to meet him and then go out and explore more of what Wilmington has to offer.



My Experience with Being a Celebrity Stalker

Taking 1 picture with him just wasnt enough for me….

When he was done taking pictures, he started leaving the bar with his team. I turned to my friends and said “FOLLOW HIM”

Honestly, what happens next isn’t my proudest moment but it made for a great, adventurous night that I will be able to tell my kids all about one day.

Immediately, I followed him out of the bar and watched where he was going.

I turned to check if my friends were still behind me- they were. “Keep following me” I shouted back.

I crossed the street and turned to my left to see a girl next to me that I have never met before. Both of us just kept trailing behind him- acting like we weren’t at all suspicious.

We both looked around and didn’t see anyone around us. My friends were gone. Her friends were gone. No one else was crazy enough to follow him!

We reached an allieway and stopped, continuing to watch him. As soon as he turned the corner, we looked at each other, laughed, and both yelled “RUN.”

The whole time, we kept saying “I can’t believe I am doing this right now.”

We finally reached the bar and got inside.

My phone starts GOING OFF LIKE CRAZY! My friends were calling me. At the time, I didn’t understand what I have done and that they were worried about me. I answered the phone, quickly told them where I was at, and hung up the phone. They kept calling, and I kept ignoring.

To my amazement, there was no one there. Maybe like 15 people tops. It was crazy!

We stand in a corner freaking out but also trying to act cool when HE APPROACHED US.

He nicely asked us if we could keep quiet about his location- of course we agreed but not without a price.

We asked for selfies and got them!

I walked away, content as can be, with an overwhelming rush of emotions when suddenly I see my friends walking through the bar gate! I started freaking out, wanting to explain everything to them.

All they wanted were more of their own pictures.

I wish this was where the story ended.

It’s not.

As we were leaving, Jordan mentions that she wished that we could’ve gotten a picture of all 3 of us with him.

I am pretty drunk, and high off emotion, and also feel like I personally know “James” right about then.

So I said “I’ll go ask him.”

He was standing around with about 4 people just hanging out and talking with them. I don’t know who they were- random people he just met or his friends.

I walked up confidently and asked “I know you’re already very annoyed of this but can you take 1 more picture with all 3 of us?”

He very politely answered me with “I’m sorry, I’m all pictured out.”


I could’ve stopped there…. but I didn’t.

Instead of walking away, I instead said out loud “Ok, can I just stand here and hang out with you.”


Rejecting me a second time, he replies with “Just… go have a good time.”


So embarrassing.

img_0640.jpg img_0641.jpg


While waiting for him to come back, we met some girls at the bar who had already met him.

We quickly became friends with these super sweet moms.

They showed us their pictures and we told them how jealous we were. So they became very determined in helping us get pictures of our own!!!!

img_0617.jpg img_0714.jpg

The next day, Saturday, we had to leave by noon.

Becky still had to work at 5 and I had the birthday party to go to.

We woke up kind of early to explore a tiny bit of Wilmington and to eat brunch.

img_0734.jpg img_0738.jpg img_0739.jpg img_0759.jpgimg_0740.jpg


In the morning, we passed by the bar that I followed him too.

I quickly realized that I followed him for quite a bit from the previous bar. (We took shortcuts and stuff, but still. I can’t believe I did that)


Tavern Law 1832 was one of the bars that was hosting him.

img_0747.jpg img_0713.jpg

Fork n Cork

This is where we had our brunch.

I honestly fell in love with this place. It had a super cool feel, was super cute, and the food was INCREDIBLE!!!!

img_0741.jpg img_0742.jpg

They had the coolest silverware!

I unwrapped my napkin and immediately gasped and said “Oh my gosh, these are SO COOL.”

I didn’t realize how loudly I had said that until the girls started laughing and replied with “It’s the small things, I guess”


Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a huge fan of breakfast foods.

So at 11am, I ordered myself a Pimento Burger with a side salad.


It was so good!

The pimento cheese was different than any I’ve tasted before.

It also had bacon jam on it and let me tell you…. it was SO good.

img_0746.jpg img_0737.jpg img_0744.jpg

Shout out to Becks for taking this candid picture of Jordan and I!!


I hope you enjoyed my story!

If you have your own, comment down below!! (If you have a post about it, go ahead and share it, I’d love to read it)




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