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Today I am starting my day off being grateful!!

My sweet friend Lindsay from Rambles From Red does this thing called gratiTuesday and today I am taking a page from her book. I’ve been meaning to start a gratitude journal or something but I haven’t really gotten around to it. I have just been writing random notes in my planner of things that pop into my mind that I’m grateful for. This week, I figured I would do a gratiTuesday because I’ve had such great joy and peace the past 2 days.

I was looking through all of the notes I made, and they all essentially boiled down to one thing.

Today, I want to express my gratefulness for personal trials!

Everyone has trials that we all struggle with and I’ve had my fair share of them. The past 366 days (last year was a leap year) have been filled with so many trials for me. Last week was probably my hardest week I’ve ever had. It was just a WHOLE bunch of things piled into one week, and made me so emotionally unstable.

I was so tired of crying, of hurting, of being angry. I knew I would get through it, but I was ready to just get to that point. But you can’t just skip life and I am thankful for that.

On my way to class today, my brother texted me that he and my mom landed in Kiev, Ukraine safely. That text lifted my worries. I knew that my family was safe and sound but more than that, I felt joy for them. Last week, I thought that I would break down as soon as they left. With them being gone, I wouldn’t really have any of my immediate family in Charlotte with me for 3 weeks. But I am actually doing REALLY GREAT! All I feel is happiness for the journey that they are taking. (Plus, I have my mom’s dog for 3 weeks)

I know it were the trials I experienced last week that would give me this strength today.

My trials led me to start praying for others in my life instead of praying for myself, and that gave me freedom.

Grow through what you go through:

8 months ago, during my “big girl job” search, I went through a really tough time with a particular employer who essentially promised me a job but didn’t honor his promise. I left my previous job for it so I was left without anything. I now realize that that was God’s way of getting me out of the restaurant that was changing me into such an ugly person. Not only that, but that experience brought me so low that I had no where to go but up.

That process taught me what my strengths were and what my weaknesses were. I think all of that had to happen in order for me to get to the job I am at now, which is leading me to my career.

Last week, most of the advice people attempted to give me was “this will make you stronger.” I already knew that. I was just ready to get to that point of being stronger. Although I knew that it was for the best, it didn’t hurt any less.

Because I felt that pain before, I wouldn’t be SO GRATEFUL for the joy I feel today.

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  1. OMG! Alina! I absolutely love love love this! And your amazing blog! You’re wonderful girlfriend – don’t EVER let anyone try to dim your light! <3

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